Twitch is removing Host Mode in October

  • Twitch is removing Host Mode in October, according to an update to the platform’s “How to Use Host Mode” help-desk page, initially spotted by reporter Zach Bussey. On October 3, the “Host Channel” Stream Manager quick action, along with the backslash “host” command, will no longer be available. The “Autohost” feature will be renamed “Suggested Channels.” The raid feature will remain.

    If you are not familiar with it, the feature allows content creators to highlight accounts of other personalities on their channels when they are offline. The goal is to redirect viewers visiting an offline channel to someone else's stream, sadly, this feature will disappear soon. The platform will remove the much-loved feature on October 3 of this year, a decision that generated mixed opinions on social networks.

    As some have pointed out, raids—where a streamer who is about to go offline can redirect their audience to someone else who is currently live—still exist, but the two felt like they served different purposes. Raids are a great way to give viewers something else to engage with after but also require active participation from the streamer raiding. Hosting was far more passive and was a great way to highlight smaller streamers.

    Streamers and viewers alike have been taken off guard by the decision to remove the feature, which was in regular use for eight years. They’re also surprised by the notion that Host Mode “blocks” interaction. Popular streamers took to Twitter to share their confusion and frustration, and streamers and viewers alike mentioned how the feature allowed them to find or share accounts they might otherwise not have discovered. Overall, reactions are mixed.

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